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How to run QuickBooks Online up to 46% faster - QuickBooks


November 12, 2019

QuickBooks apps for Mac & PC allow you to run QuickBooks Online up to 46 percent faster when visiting the client page.* And, it’s free to download and begin using immediately if you’re already a QuickBooks subscriber.

You can always use QuickBooks through your browser, but here are some of the unique features of the QuickBooks app that will make your time more productive:

QuickBooks is always just one click away! Whether you’re using the PC desktop or the MacDoc, one click on the icon launches you right into your books.

Stay signed in. Your one-click access also immediately gets you into QuickBooks without needing to sign in, and unlike your browser that times out after a period of inactivity, the QuickBooks app allows you to stay indefinitely signed in. No more time spent logging back in!

Easily open and work with multiple windows. Drag and drop multiple windows, and never worry about accidentally closing out your work with our multi-window/tab restore that will get you right back to where you were before. Plus, making a change or update in one window will automatically update all of the other open affected windows!

Navigation is a breeze. Move easily from page to page with the back/forward buttons, seamlessly switch companies from the toolbar and bookmark your most important pages for easy access later!

Keyboard shortcuts make you more productive than ever. Enjoy a robust list of keyboard shortcuts while working in the app.

For more information, examples and download links...QuickBooks

*When visiting the client’s page in QBO (based on client page load time for Windows vs Chrome as of 10/01/17).

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